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Unity Game Developer

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Employment Type: Permanent (Remote)

🟢Work from Home/ Remote

🟢Based in Bangladesh

🟢2 days weekend (Saturday and Sunday)


🎁Performance Bonus based on

👉Prototype success

👉Soft launch

👉Global launch (Upto BDT 6,00,000 T&C applied)


🎁Festival Bonus twice a year



🔘Develop a game prototype based on the design document at a high speed

🔘Take ownership of the prototype by maintaining the allocated timeline

🔘Collaborate with programmers, game designers, and game artists during the development phase



🔘Skilled in Unity Game Engine and C#

🔘Previous experience developing hypercasual games

🔘Can use Git properly

🔘Able to implement and understand the Programming Design principles

🔘Eager to take feedback and adjust

🔘Good problem-solving and communication skills

🔘Intermediate understanding of mathematics and algorithm

🔘Follows good programming practices

🔘Workstation at home to work remotely


ℹ️ Please make sure to add videos or store links to the hypercasual games you have worked on. Videos are preferred and appreciated

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